Introducing SeekWiz a Smart location sharing platform!


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Seekwiz For Schools

Seekwiz - School

Simple, Smart, Specific and Secure Solution, Providing complete know-how of your child’s location. Making life hassle free, keeping you connected. You will virtually be with your child as he/she travels to and from school. The platform is easy to use and helps schools to be updated about their bus services.

Seekwiz For Enterprise
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Seekwiz - Enterprise

SeekWiz Enterprise transforms the vehicle into a SMART vehicle empowering organizations to have a firm grip on their entire transport eco system. Scaleable to the employees of the organizations which ensure compliance, discipline and more trusted employee-employer relationship. Secure and customizable to suit one's needs. Measure CSFs of your organizations transport with speed and ease.

Seekwiz - Mobile

The best way to track Real time. Be it your Friends, your loved One, your kid's School Bus
your Company Cab or Your own Vehicle! One solution caters to all!

Personal Location Sharing

SeekWiz lets you share location
with any of your conatcts Real time!
Keeping your dear ones close.


Mobile friendly. Use it Anywhere!

Real Time Location Updates

SeekWiz updates you every time the bus reaches specific points. You will virtually be with your child as he/she travels.

Configurable Alerts

The app alerts you when the bus reaches points configured by you. So you are ready and organized every time.

Multiple Route Updates

The app adapts to the needs of the modern day. It allows you to have different route for pick-up and another for drop.

Personalised Notifications

We offer complete flexibility with regards to notifications.

For your eyes only

Compulsory user verification with single device per user, Specific bus data shared only with users whose ward travel on the bus.

SeekWiz Protect Mode

Safety mode when enabled allows generating discrete ‘DISTRESS’ signal and keep your dear and near ones in the know and call for help.

Seekwiz - WEB


Live Trip Dashbaord

Comprehensive dashboard with Quick Summary and Live Map to track your vehicles REAL TIME with location and corresponding time stamps.

Route Compliance

Ensure route compliance for your organizations buses. Measure and act on deviance proactively.

Time Bound Travel

Make sure the buses leave and arrive at desired time only. Bring in discipline and adherence to travel policies.


Complete flexibility and customization option at your disposal. Make the dashboard that suits your needs.

On Demand History

Ready-for-reference vehicle path along with specific time stamps available on demand. Dynamic selection of trip history using calendar.

Bird’s Eye View Of Entire Fleet

Locate the current position of your entire fleet in a single view. Convenient and Spot-On.

Broadcast a message

Send broadcast message to all/ a group / selected subscribers only.

Reports makes it easy

Utilize historical data and reports to gauge CSFs. Record keeping as easier as it gets.

24/7 Command Centre

Dedicated 24/7 Command Centre operations to cater to every query. Call, SMS, WhatsApp or File a Ticket.